Ale House Rock

Florida grass
Ah yes, the weekend. Well, Tampa-Philly was one helluva game. Respect to all the Philly fans out there. There was a bit of a mixup on the venue that night; Cam, Ron and Melissa ended up at the Ale House; myself, Eric J, Sonia, Greg, and Jeff also ended up at the Ale House. Except we couldn’t find each other, because, well… we were in different cities. Cam and crew ended up driving up to meet us during the second period, which was super cool. Next time, we should specify the city, how ’bout that? 🙂
Sunday was good, though I ended up waking around noon! I had a late night chatting with Dad and a couple friends, guess sleep deprivation finally caught me.. Then Cam and I carpooled the 20 miles to GT Bray for the usual 3pm pickup Ultimate game. We were joined by some kids who play at Lakewood Ranch — can they ever run and jump!
Anyhow, my eyelids seem to be getting very very very heavy. Ack.


  1. Yeah, I wanted to try and get across how wide the grass is… not sure I succeeded though, since only a couple people know the size of my fingers 🙂

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