All-Faiths and Camera Goodies

[picture: Breen, forehand past a laying out defender]Breen smokes one past a Red defender
Just had the best weekend in recent memory. I’d forgotten how much fun hat tournaments really are. Five games in six hours, with 10 minute breaks in between games to rehydrate and eat oranges, cookies, bananas, cheese crackers, and all the slices of bread and chunky peanut butter you can cram your mouth.
The team I was on — Team Grey (a.k.a “Smoke”) — made it to the finals! We played our collective arses off — layout D everywhere, but it wasn’t enough. We ended up losing to the Black team 7-11. I caught the last point our team scored! 🙂 Post-game saw us getting our BEvERages on, which worked out well considering we were getting our brat-and/or-veggie-dog on at the same time. 😀
In retrospect it would have been wise to have spent my breaks reapplying sunscreen. I thoroughly drenched myself in SPF 30 an hour before starting the day, but it wasn’t enough:
[picture: my back, burnt to a crisp in the shape of a tank top]
Amazingly, my ears and nose seem fine.
Turns out mom was right, too — my skin breaks out when I get burnt. I think “sun rosacea” is the name she gave it. Funny, I would have thought being compatible with the sun was in my genes, what with mom being from the West Indies and all. Guess I lost the meiosis lotto…
Bought two Viking 256mb compact flash cards via Amazon today. $36+tax each after a $20 mail-in rebate. Also bought a kick-butt high-current, second Li-Ion battery. All part of my preparation for the May 23rd weekend (Memorial Day, same weekend as Victoria Day). I’m heading up to Savannah, Georgia to take part in what I’ve been told is going to be a fantastic three-day hat tourney. This time I might actually have a hat. *grin*