Amy and Erik

Today I went down to Lido Beach with Cam and Melissa and Amy and Erik and the two little ones, Joseph and Maddy. Family photo time! Erik worked out the shots on paper beforehand, so it all went very quickly — which was good, since none of us had sunscreen on. The pics are transferring from Cam’s laptop to my desktop computer right now so I don’t have any to show you, but maybe I will tomorrow. For now let’s just say there were many very cute photos taken.
The beach was followed by dinner back and Cam and Melissa’s: Erik’s chicken chili recipe, as prepared by Melissa. It was fantastic… mmmmmmmm. Thank-you Melissa 🙂 Afterwards we had orange and vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce, followed by coffee and Uno. I love that game. I think I unintentionally redeemed my karma for the year, because I won four games in a row. I swear I wasn’t doing anything special. Toward the end of the night Erik complained about not having won yet, and lo-and-behold, that round, he won! Erik, I swear we didn’t lose on purpose. 🙂
A fun, joking night was coloured with a tinge of sadness, because it’s likely going to be the last time I see Amy and Erik before they leave for Nashville, for good. But it was a wonderful day — I got loads of playtime in with Maddy (I think I may have even gotten over my fear of breaking her) — and I’m heartened by the fact that they’re only a 10-hour drive away. As Cam suggested, maybe we can make use of one of those three day weekends we get during the summer to go visit.
Update: Cam’s got some photos up — check ’em out.
Update #2: