An open letter to Florida Power and Light Company

Dear FPL:
I really like your new Sunshine Energy program. By paying an additional $10/month on top of my energy bill, I ensure that 1000 kWh are injected into the grid that were produced using so-called “green” methods such as solar and wind-turbines, regardless of how much power I actually use. This money not only pays for that electricity, but also goes toward building environmentally-conscious energy-generating infrastructure.
You know what else would help the environment? If you only sent the opt-in notices to people who weren’t already subscribed to the plan. Granted, the number of people not subscribed probably still far outweighs those that are, but all it would take is a simple cross-reference with your customer database. In fact, give people the option to just receive their statement, and the FPL newsletter, “Energy News”. Every month when I get my FPL bill, I throw out credit card offers, ads for SurgeShield (FPL’s surge protection service), and other promotional goods.
I love the Sunshine Energy program; not many utility companies provide such an option and it feels good to know I’m helping build a more sustainable society. Let’s just take it one step further.
Best regards,
Krishen Greenwell
Sarasota, FL