And I just can’t hide it

[picture: amphitheatre ybor hybrid flyer]
It’s kinda hard to put into words how excited I am right now. Hybrid. Live. Tomorrow night. Woooooo!!!
For those who aren’t acquainted with Hybrid, go check out and some of the dozens of sets available for download and/or streaming. In particular, have a listen to the latest one — Hybrid – Maida Vale Live Session On One World — fantastic!
Gonna have to go buy Wider Angle tomorrow afternoon methinks. 🙂

4 thoughts on “And I just can’t hide it”

  1. Heee… hopefully I’ll be able to sneak a camera in. still have that disposable one from when paul van dyk came to orlando 🙂

  2. *jealous*
    & i might not even be able to make it to the SPEC event -unlike miseur davin who shall be spinnin some sweet tunes no doubt :/ ARG! must dance! must dance!!

  3. davin sweet tunes YES! w00t!
    hybrid. wow. that’s huge! give us all the details asap!

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