Anyone out there?

Post a comment if so. Unlurk! I really have no idea who’s reading this thing anymore 🙂
Nkosi came out to Ultimate last night. I think he (or at least his lungs) is going to kill me the next chance he gets 🙂 Also discovered a new pain in the lower left of my right knee, where it hurt to bend but standing was okay. After running on it for bit, it was okay, but I am still reluctant to put much pressure on it (e.g., make hard cuts). We’ll see if it’s just temporary or what. So far it’s good this morning.
Happy Monday!
Music: Stare/Phibbs – Hyperion. From “Freaky Flow – The Envy” (Drum and Bass DJ Mix)

22 thoughts on “Anyone out there?”

  1. Jeff: Heeee. That’s the idea 🙂
    Inês: Hey, how is Aveiro? Love all the pictures in your latest post 🙂

  2. I pop in now and then to say “hi”. Looking forward to your return.

  3. Calvin: Looking fwd to it! I’m curious if I’ve adapted to the Florida weather — by December it’ll be a year and a half since I was back. 🙂

  4. greetings and thanksgivings!â„¢
    (greetings and thanksgivings is a registered trademark of girlrepairâ„¢ and extrametricalâ„¢)

  5. Michael: as in Denny? if so: Hey! How goes UVic (if you are there still. Or, if not, what are you up to?) else: Hello! Welcome to my internet hovel. Or, I suppose “nice to meet you” might work better, since it would seem you’ve been here a while.
    orque: *nod* Did you get the Vespa?
    sue: Online RSS aggregator, right? I shied away from the first aggregators I saw because they only gave entry previews, and dropped the images. Is that still the case?

  6. still reading…missed you at thanksgiving today 🙂
    eat a turkey over there for us here in Canada! Oooh, and the Canucks won today too 😀

  7. excellent kung foo memory
    UVic is pretty good to me, though I’m looking forward to new challenges. I believe the environment there is more setup for people with families and such. Onwards!! Yay, I lurk, not much to say other than great photos!
    had a site, it went down, had another site, it went down. Have another site soon

  8. neil: I know, sweet eh? And Cam told me that destroyed the Red Wings winning streak. Talk about the icing (I mean… the kind on the cake).
    shy hi!
    jim: some resonance here re: new manifesto.
    ‘nee: looks like the Big Damn Movie fared better than expected last weekend, wahoo 🙂
    michael: I think you’re right. Very much a “don’t rock the boat” kind of environment, “we like it the way it is.” At least, that’s how it was in 2002. Thanks re: the photos! I haven’t been taking as many creative photos as I’d like to lately — those animal shots were the first time I’d picked up the camera for “fun” in a couple months at least. Looking forward to your new site. What were your old sites? I will waybackmachine them 🙂

  9. Ok, so I lurk every week/month and catch up with your life. I too miss not living in Vic anymore. Love the pics, etc.!

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