Archie Bowater Greenwell’s Memorial

So, I hummed and hawed for a long time about this post. What pictures do I put in? What do I write? On the one hand I want to show pictures from home, but on the other hand many of them are highly personal. Do I want to share that? In the end I decided, yes, I’d like to, because I am proud of who Grandpa was, and I would like some kind of record of what happened. But I hope you understand if I can’t find the words. Many of the pictures here, especially those at Grandpa’s house, evoke intense memories. The basement. The swingset. The luggage. The cot. The garden. The stairwell. The lamp. So I’m going to post a bunch of photos, and interject here and there. I hope you like them.
Below: Right after stepping off the plane in Victoria
[picture: IMG_2604.JPG]

Thursday night, late; Anand and I watch and talk as Neil and Davin play Magic
[picture: IMG_2607.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2627.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2637.JPG]
Friday; on our way to Lake Cowichan for the tree planting
[picture: IMG_2646.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2649.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2650.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2662.JPG]
Arrival in Lake Cowichan
[picture: IMG_2679.JPG]
Tree planting at A.B. Greenwell school
[picture: IMG_2686.JPG]
Good to -40
[picture: IMG_2690.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2691.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2695.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2697.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2703.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2704.JPG]
Tea and coffee, school tour.. and my relatives
[picture: IMG_2708.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2709.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2713.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2714.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2716.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2717.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2719.JPG]
Still Friday, now at Grandpa’s place
[picture: IMG_2724.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2729.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2731.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2738.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2743.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2746.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2749.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2753.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2754.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2757.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2760.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2761.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2768.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2773.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2778.JPG]
Photos by Jacklyn Jaclynn and Janelle
[picture: IMG_2792.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2793.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2794.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2795.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2796.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2797.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2798.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2799.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2800.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2801.JPG]
At Uncle Niels’ place in nearby Youbou
[picture: IMG_2826.JPG]
[picture: STB_2828.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2845.JPG]
Saturday; back in Lake Cowichan
[picture: IMG_2872.JPG]
At the seniors center
[picture: IMG_2880.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2881.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2883.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2884.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2890.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2901.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2902.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2903.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2904.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2905.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2906.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2910.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2912.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2914.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2923.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2934.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2941.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2945.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2947.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2950.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2953.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2964.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2968.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2972.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2973.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2976.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2977.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2978.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2979.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2981.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2982.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2983.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2985.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2987.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2988.JPG]
Sunday; on the way back to Sarasota. At Tsawwassen ferry terminal waiting for the airport PCL bus
[picture: IMG_2990.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2992.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2994.JPG]
[picture: IMG_2999.JPG]
[picture: IMG_3000.JPG]
Gunther von Hagen’s Body Worlds, not to be confused with similar but unethical BODIES: The Exhibition
[picture: IMG_3006.JPG]
[picture: IMG_3019.JPG]
Missing my flight from Vancouver to Denver; gotta stay overnight and go to Chicago instead
[picture: IMG_3029.JPG]
[picture: IMG_3033.JPG]
[picture: IMG_3045.JPG]

Me and Grandpa at Auntie Carole’s, Dec 2005

Dad, Anand, Davin, Mom and Me sitting on Grandpa’s porch, 1979


  1. nice pics there
    the starecase down
    pretty familiar with that one, i used to sleep at the top of that starecase in the cot with the light on all night
    because there were monsters

  2. Hi Krishen
    I appreciated the photos and although it is quite personal you’ve done an artistic job in your portraits and details of meaningful locations. See you soon.

  3. Wonderful moments and memories of life with your Grandpa! We really enjoyed all your photos and comments. Thank you! The Celebration of Life for your Grandpa was amazing!
    Darlene and Bill

  4. Thanks Krishen for this creative and evocative set of photos and comments. See you over Christmas.

  5. What a great memory this will be for you Krishen. Thankyou very much for sharing the photos with us.
    See you over the holiday. Maybe at Youbou at either our place or Neill and Mo’s.
    Love Uncle Bill & Auntie Sylvia

  6. you spelled jaklynn worng it’s j-a-c-l-y-n-n!!!!!! I like your pictures!!!!!! bye

  7. Hello there!!!
    Your pictures were TOTTALY CRAZY AWESOME!!
    I love Photography!!
    Anyways hope we get to see everyone at the next crazy event!
    See ya soon! 🙂
    Bye Bye Big Cousin! 🙂

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