As seen in my apartment complex

Lots of pictures soon. I’m having technical difficulties (well, okay, given my readership I can probably just say: my computer locks up for minutes at a time these days, and I’m fairly certain that — since it only occurs during certain moments when I want to access the filesystem — it’s because of either (a) a bad chunk of my hard drive, or (b) because I have so little space free, my computer doesn’t have enough room to write the swapfile. I’m leaning towards the latter). So yeah.
But help is on the way. I have a 250 GB Serial ATA hard drive in the mail for me as we speak (this one, in fact), so hopefully I’ll be able kick a little zip back into my computer starting tomorrow… I hope. There it goes, locking up again.
PS: Oh, and while we’re talking tech, I might as well mention, I got mentioned on my favorite daily, computer-related online melodrama, As The Apple Turns! Fo shizzle! Check it out.

7 thoughts on “As seen in my apartment complex”

  1. You’re approaching the .50/Gig barrier! Let me know if you hear a sonic boom when it happens. I have a SATA, but I still am not sure I could really explain the advantages of it to anyone in clear terms. Anyway, I bet the mac mini will sell at Best Buy. $500, why not? I want to make a cluster of these:

  2. Eric: Shouldn’t “it’s faster” suffice? 🙂 I was kinda hoping the difference would be noticable. Re, the cluster: what the heck is that? A bunch of daisy-chained USB hubs?

  3. and re: the Mac mini — it probably will be sold at Best Buy. It was really more significant from a historical point of view, since Apple and Best Buy have severed and re-established their relationship three times already. (For those wondering where the topic of Best Buy/Mac minis came from, read the “Check it out” link at the end of the main post)

  4. My SATA is still only 7200 RPM; bought it last Spring. Must be the faster seek time in SATA’s? dunno. If nothing else, the cabling on SATA is thinner, and I guess it has some sort of SCSI-like properties. Linux views SATA as a SCSI device…

  5. oh yeah I forgot…those devices were actual computers comprising a functioning cluster, not USB hubs! Finally a cluster you can throw at someone like a bolo!

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