“So, what’s up with the exposure on that shot, Krishen?”
It’s a test pic I took at lunch today for the new Extrametrical homework assignment.
If you’ve got a digicam and can set exposure levels/white balance, check it out.. it’s a neat way to get to know your camera a little better. The due date is Feb 25th, so start snapping. There’s no prize or anything — it’s just for fun; at the end Jim (who runs Extrametrical and is a good friend of mine) is going to post the submissions.
And in other news, we’re finally getting past the major development phase at work, the home-work see-saw is going to be approaching a balancing state again soon. 🙂
(For today’s pic, I composed the shot in “Auto” mode, read off the exposure time (1/1000th of sec) and f-stop (4.0), switched to manual mode, set the exposure to 1/1000, and changed the f-stop to 2.0. You might want to change the ISO level too if you have it — I used 200 for this shot.)

3 thoughts on “Assignment”

  1. that’s a great shot. i may just have to get in on this assignment.
    thanx for the tip on how to over expose with a digital camera. i was thinkin’ i may hace to pull out my slr.

  2. Alison, thanks! Yeah, I’m learning all sorts of things about my camera I never knew. For example, today I learned that in automatic mode, there’s no way to tell what ISO level a shot was taken at. 🙂 I hope at least a few people participate in the assignment — I’d like to see what kinds of effects come out it.
    (If you look closely at my picture, you can see faint purpleness near the railings… these are “chromatic aberrations” and are an artifact of how the shot is captured in a digicam, esp in high-contrast situations; supposedly the degree to which they’re present varies highly from camera to camera, so it’ll be interesting to see how we all do.)

  3. krishen: thanks for the much better directions for the assignment,you made far more sense than me.
    alison: please do give it a try, consider this a plea for participants, i’d love to see what you come up with.

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