[picture: *$ umbrolly]
Well I’m back from Ultimate. I now have in my possession one more fat lip than before I left.
A blocked pass bounced out of a defender’s hand and *bam* smacked right into my upper lip. I don’t really like reading about this sort of thing, so I shall not subject you to it, but suffice to say while it’s still fat, it looks a whole lot better now than it did when it happened 3 hours ago. Hooray for the amazing self-repairing human body!
Today picture is actually from yesterday’s trip. It’s a little blurry, but it tells a story. It was windy at the time, and because it was starting to rain, I was trying to take the picture very quickly so as not to get my lens wet, so my hands weren’t quite as steady as they could have been. Either that — or excessive amounts of caffeine I was consuming — are to blame. Your pick. 🙂