Battle on The Beach 6

[picture: 01-mewaitingcurbside.jpg]
[picture: 02-fieldview.jpg]
[picture: 03-bryan-sasha.jpg]
[picture: 04-keepoffdunes.jpg]
[picture: 05-nunontherun.jpg]
[picture: 06-cam-darren.jpg]
[picture: 07-melissa.jpg]
[picture: 08-sheikmonica.jpg]
[picture: 09-chicagoline.jpg]
[picture: 10-markymark.jpg]
[picture: 11-kerry.jpg]
[picture: 12-womenmark.jpg]
[picture: 13-sidelines.jpg]
[picture: 14-mesquinty.jpg]
[picture: 15-jump.jpg]
[picture: 16-endzonecorner.jpg]
[picture: 17-air.jpg]
Ooh, and the best part… a few video clips of the festivities:

  • MVI_0997.AVI — from the A-pool final between Chicago Scrappy and Miami Sunburnt (7.6 mb)
  • MVI_0985.AVI — Chicago Scrappy and I believe one of the Darthmouth teams — a great series of passes leading to a double-layout score (8.4 mb)
  • MVI_0979.AVI — One of Dartmouth’s many cheers (3.1 mb)


  1. BOTB

    After all the work of late it was time for a battle … a Battle On The Beach to be specific. A quick trip to the east coast, West Palm Beach, turned out to be the perfect outlet for…

  2. Incidentally, if I look a little stunned in that first shot, it’s because I was trying my damndest to keep my eyes open. It was so bright out — even at 6pm. Though it could be that my eyes are just hypersensitive to UV.

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