Beach disc

[picture: taking off]
An ultralight (?) gets ready to take off beside me at Siesta Beach. Looks like a ton of fun! The guy on the ground has a walkie-talkie to speak with the guy in the air.
Anyway, here’s some pics from the beach ultimate game! If this many people show up again next week we may have the beginnings of something great!
[picture: angi and karen]
Angi (white shirt) and Karen. Karen zips a backhand down the field past Angi. Angi’s first game!
[picture: shawnericrusty.jpg]
Rusty (red shorts) attempts to block Eric. Eric has just thrown a “swing” pass to Shawn. A swing pass is when you throw the disc sideways, instead of down the field toward the end zone. Useful when you’re running out of time to throw (you have ten seconds, which your defender calls out as he starts guarding you).
[picture: endzone crazyness]
A big ‘ol clusterfcuk near the endzone!! I’ve superimposed lines on the pic to help make the endzone a little clearer. The sideline is the black line; the large red line is the front of the endzone, the smaller red line is the back. The teams are shirts vs. non-shirted (and Karen). Eric (center of the short, white shirt) has the disc. The idea here is that he’s trying to throw it to to a teammate in the end-zone. Well, there’s Angi, who you can see just between Eric and Rusty’s head. But she’s not very open! Shortly after this shot was taken, however, Shawn (yellow visor) faked running right and zipped over to Eric’s left at the last moment to receive the pass. Point!!
[picture: beach ulti, gettin dark!]
We ended up playing until sunset! Good times were had by all! Well, all, unless my upper lip gets a say, in which case, good times were had by all except for my upper lip, which I’m certain didn’t appreciate getting busted a second time in as many days. Ack!


  1. Krishen,
    Thanks for the photos–I am going to download the rules today! Question: on defense, can I maintain contact (back of my hand) with, say, Karen, as I’m blocking her and before the throw is made–just to avoid losing my ‘opponent’ to a far corner?

  2. Angi — Ultimate is (supposed to be) a non-contact sport, so the answer to your question is no. That said, next time you’re guarding Karen, try taking a step or two back from her. By standing further away from the person you are defending (and hence closer to the disc), you can cover a wider angle than your opponent can using the same amount of movement. This technique is sometimes called “playing off” your check, and it’s highly effective. I’ll show you next time you’re out!

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