Beauty in the Breakdown

Time keeps on slipping, slipping… into the future…
I think I’ve been going slightly batty trying to get everything ready for next week’s big brouhaha in Tampa. Cam, too. Worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday — there before 9am and not back home before 10:30pm. We all really pulled together for this one. It wasn’t just the worker bees doing their thing, either — a couple levels of management were there as well, working right alongside us.
I feel so out of it — I haven’t had a chance to keep up with anyone’s blog in the past week, let alone my own, so if you notice me commenting a bunch in the local blogosphere over the next day or two, it’s because we just met a major milestone and I’m trying to catch up πŸ™‚
On the tooth front, the molar is mildly sensitive, but it’s more of a tickle than anything I’d classify as pain. I am a little alarmed at how much lower it is in height than the others; I wonder if it was necessary to grind the tooth down a little bit so it could be worked on… or if it was just naturally ground down: when I opened my mouth for the first time for the dental assistant, Jennifer, she said, “wow, you sure grind your teeth a lot”, to which I replied “Oh, I’ve heard that before — I don’t do it consciously”. So I guess I grind my teeth! Ack. Need to stop that, I really need all the tooth enamel I can get. I wonder if it’s a plot so that I have to get a crown. Hmm.
I rented Garden State last night, thanks to Zameer reminding me about it over MSN Messenger. That was the second time I’d seen it; it didn’t have quite the same effect as it did the first time. I’m sure that was part me having already seen it (no surprises), part watching it by myself (vs. with my peers), part watching it on my computer (rather than at the theatre), and part starting the film at 11pm. But by the end, it really recaptured me and god I can’t get over how beautiful and perfect the Frou Frou track at the end is. There are two commentaries from Zach Braff included on the disc; I’m going to return the DVD without listening to them and simply go BUY the film instead.
That’s all for now.

5 thoughts on “Beauty in the Breakdown”

  1. I would have called Friday Beauty in the Breakdown…today would have been Frenzy in the Buildup. But I tend to wear slightly pessimistic glasses.

  2. Heh.. it was a reference to the Frou Frou track. But “frenzy in the buildup” is still consistent: as Zameer said to me earlier, Garden State is the “epic trance of movies” — the whole experience is cathartic.

  3. Thanks for the tip on Harold and Kumar, I’ll definitely check that out. Sounds right up my alley. πŸ™‚ Looks like I must have missed the Garden State soundtrack sale, though (it’s $9.99 right now).

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