Bought a bunch o stuff

Went to Target yesterday, bought all sorts of goodies, including (off the top of my head):
-a 12 1/4″ T-Fal saute pan
-a lid for above pan
-a set of 3 knives (8″, 5″, and 3 1/2″ blades, full tang)
-a cutlery organizer
-a plunger
-a brush/dustpan
-a set of 4 serrated knives
-a shower liner
-4 sponges
-2 dish scrubbers
-a wall clock
-a screwdriver set including 44 bits
-6 AAAs and 6 AA batteries
And probably some other stuff I forgot. The grand total was $167, which I put on my check-card (it’s debit, so it comes directly out of my chequing account, though I’m not sure it’s as instaneous as Interac).