But I’m Fat on the Inside; Simon

I must be doing something right. Three hours of running around on Wednesday and three again on Thursday, and barely sore on Friday. 😀
L-R: Ilsa, Eric, Sidney, Sam. This shot and the one below was taken on Wednesday at St. Pete. In this one, Eric’s waiting for the other team to signal that they’re ready for the pull (sort of like the kick-off in football).
L-R: Cam, Sidney, Leonard. Here Sidney’s about to throw a hammer (one of those upside down throws). Cam’s about to receive the pass.
Thursday night at Bee Ridge Park. I’m the one in the red shirt. I’m running hard (“cutting”) to the left to get away from my defender.
That’s me with the disc. My defender is trying to block me from throwing to my left side (“forcing” me to throw to the right). See how the other folks are blurred? Ultimate’s interesting like that. In a typical scenario, there’s usually two people stopped on the field (the person with the disc and his defender), while the other 12 are moving. If a team executes a well, the disc will appear to bounce up the field, moving from just-stopped person to just-stopped person. It’s pretty cool.
That’s Rob on the left. Guess which of us is on offense!
Me and Rob again. We’ve switched offensive and defensive roles in this shot.
Much thanks to Cam for taking these shots, by the way. He’s just put up a blog — go check it out. Mind you, it was the least he could do, considering he was yapping on the sideline all night. 🙂
It was heads-down at work yesterday. For a few people, it was Simon’s last day, so a bunch of us went out for drinks at the Old Salty Dog on Longboat Key.
Arrived there just before sunset.
Sarasota has some incredible wildlife! This guy is looking for fish.
The earth about to turn past the sun.
Notice the drawn bridge in the background. Taken using a 1-second exposure.
L-R: Ron, Nigel, Kemp.
L-R: Cam, Carlos, Alex, Moi.
That’s Jeff to my left, Simon in the foreground on the right. To his right is Mark.
Nigel has a brilliant plan: more beer
Kemp is the most hilarious guy I’ve ever met. He hardly ever says anything — but when he does, it’s completely, way-over-the-top fcuking stupidly funny.
Simon explains how Atari got him his job.
Ron strongly disagrees.
Crazy Ivan!
Simon in natural light.
Ron does his Hugo impression.
Ron and Simon.
Four peel-and-eat-shrimp baskets and nine pitchers later, just when I was expecting to split the bill with everyone at the table, Ron whipped out his card and paid for all of us. 😀
I’m gonna miss Simon. He’s a very smart guy; he’s been my mentor for the past eight months. He’s got high standards for excellence and he pulls no punches. It’s inspirational. I have no doubt he’ll walk straight through his MBA without breaking a sweat.