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Wish me Luck!

Tomorrow (well, technically, today) I’m in a final design review meeting from 8:30am until 5:30 or 6pm. The company is buying us lunch, most likely Quiznos. It’s going to mostly be hardware engineering, with one small little eensy weensy bit on Software around 2pm.
I get to do a teeny little presentation (15 or 20 minutes) too, on why I think our software rollout “process” needs an overhaul. Wish me luck!!

On waking too early, kicking ass, and losing important bits of plastic

I must get this down on er, paper, before it zips away. It’ll be short though, I should have been in bed 30 mins ago:
(1) God damn, it seems early for my alarm to be going off. Where’s that’s snooze button? Ah, that’s it. Wait a second, I could have sworn I just hit the snooze button. I did hit the snooze button. How come I still hear the alarm? Damn buttons. This isn’t working. Cord traced to wall, unplugged. The alarm is there still. And damn, it’s loud. It’s coming from the living room. Uh oh, it’s the fire detector. Did I leave something on? A stove element? None that I can see. Fanned the alarm madly. That’s not helping. Press the button. Nothing. Cover up the hole where the sound comes out — that helps my ears a lot. But wait a sec — I can hear other alarms? What the…? Shirt, jeans, sandals, door. And lots of people on the open-air walkways between apartments. Me: you too? Them: yeah. Me: what time is it? Them: 3:00 A.M.
I dub this the Town & Country Apartment “Get the fuck out of your apartment and socialize” event. The alarm went on for a full TWENTY MINUTES before the fire dept. arrived to shut off the alarm. I introduced myself to Benny, one floor up and one apartment over, while I was waiting. I would have thought a building with a strobe light on it and an alarm going off in 50 apartments at once would have at least been cause for an automatic dial to the fire department, but apparently not. Nope. Someone on the floor below me had to call it in on their cell phone.
(2) Work: I had my first presentation at work today, and it was a total success! only 1/2 an hour long, plus q&a. I was debriefing key individuals about the release of a new version of our software, version 6.0.3. Grace and Jane were there from Marketing and User Education, respectively, and Joanie and Chip were there from Customer Technical Support. I gave them a demonstration of the installation of the product, a walkthrough of the new features for the product, and a listing of the caveats. I made a little documentation package and burned CDs for everyone who showed up, too. And I offered them coffee when they sat down. I think they liked that part. 🙂
(3) And finally — I’ve misplaced my bank of america bank card! I sure hope it turns up soon, i can only go so long on this $500 Target “Guest” card.