Cleanliness: next to godliness (and config control)

Stopped by the Fruitville Starbucks Sunday. This time my cup-name was “Christian”. Guess I’d better start repenting!! 802.11-anything wasn’t set up there either… as it turns out it’s not one of the wireless locations (though given the number of tech employees within a 2 mile radius would be silly not to become one).
Worked late today. Right as I was I was about to leave, talk of a small change ballooned into something much bigger, a topic I guess I’m kinda passionate about these days, config control. Ended up with a few more questions than answers, but at least it’s being thought about.
Tonight I’m doing laundry over at Cam and Melissa‘s because, in addition to all those mobile homes, Hurricane Charley also knocked out the Saturday delivery of my new washer and dryer. Home Depot is still trying to get me a time for the new delivery. Cam, Melissa, thanks a bunch, I’d be pretty stuck without you.

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