Colour of life

Inspired partly by Gurton and partly by an awesome photo by Davin, I set out today to capture some of the local colour in the area; here’s the result.

Music: Baitercell & Schumacher – What’s Down Low (Aquasky vs Masterblaster remix) (requires RealOne Player)


  1. Great shots … where did you catch these? Glad to see you had a good day out of the office and saw some sunshine 🙂

  2. Thanks 🙂 Most of these were taken downtown, near the Burns Court area. Actually, speaking of Burns Court there’s a couple of films which look interesting, we should hit them up at some point: (Academy Award winner, best documentary) Born Into Brothels (coming soon) and Sideways (now playing, from the director of Election).

  3. I am jealous, everywhere I look, the colour of Saskatoon is … … WHITE! We had a flurry last night and on and off all day today.

  4. nice! i ‘specially like the bark and the… uh… hairy things after it : )

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