Come over, I’ll make it for you

I’ve got a lot of stuff to back up… 😉
Tuesday was great! Got up late, didn’t shave, spent most of the day working on documentation. Met my new administrative assistant! She seems very nice. Went out for lunch, stopped by Sam’s Club (sorta like this place) and picked up a few cd-r’s.
Today I was supposed to deliver a final product, but some of the people I depended on weren’t ready, so the product will have to go out tomorrow instead. Left work at 5:30! It was still light out!! Will wonders never cease?
Went food shopping, hooray! Walked in my front door, was greeted by my assembled (but not yet run) vacuum cleaner. Cleanliness awaits. Tomorrow.
Found out Apple released new PowerMacs and a brand new Cinema Display. Looking good!
Listened to Ben spin via Shoutcast and watched via his dual-webcam-XP setup. Pretty slick.
Made pizza for dinner. Mmmmmmm. Speaking of which, I’ve still got to put the rest of it away. Damn, I wanted to hit the hay after posting this.
Helped Mavis with her Java assignment, too, but she ended up figuring it all out on her own anyway. And learned a secret recipe too.