Concentrate Krishensan

Comcast tower, part 1Sorry for the lack of updates lately! In the past 48 hours I’ve had 3 hours in front of a computer with ‘net access, and I used those three emailing and watching Igby Goes Down at Julie‘s recommendation. Fantastic movie. Go rent it. I think I might just watch it again before I take it back. It’s that good.
So yesterday I was woken by a phone call:
them: “So ya coming?”
me: “uh…..” *rubs eyes*
them: “everyone’s here, we’re just waiting for you!”
me: “what time is it?”
them: “6:54.”
So yeah! Everyone had to wait for me, because, due to some screwup at the airport, the van we rented to take the lot of us up to Tampa for the convention was only insured under my name. d’Oh!
Now the thing is, I made it to bed on time on Tuesday night (9:30), I just didn’t set my alarm. Oops! I ended up arriving 12 minutes late. The trip takes an hour, and we had two hours to get there, so it wasn’t a big deal after all.
Actually, funny story about the van. As I was pulling out of the airport Hertz parking lot, I pulled the e-brake release and backed out of the stall to get on the highway that would take me back to Sarasota.
So I’m on the highway, merrily doing 80 mph, when I notice the hood seems to be vibrating a little. Well, more than a little. Hey, wait a second. That doesn’t look right at all! Then it hit me — I had pulled the hood release when I was leaving.
Guess the 2003 Ford Windstar isn’t designed like the 1978 Econoline 150. Haha. Managed to pull over, plop the trunk down and remerge without incident (though it took about 10 minutes for there to be few enough cars so that I could accelerate).
Anyway, I’ll post a few bits about today’s eventful happenings a little bit later (most likely tomorrow morning).. Have a good sleep all!