After completing the paperwork necessary to get into my work’s 401K plan, I spent a large portion of Saturday on the Interweb looking for pictures of Alyson Hannigan. She plays [“played”…. *welp*] the character “Willow” on TV’s Buffy. I have the most ridiculous crush on that girl. I even printed one of the pictures; it shall spruce up a lucky wall somewhere in the apartment.
That was the confession, and here’s the epiphany. The Internet can chew up large portions of time!! !@#$*(!@& Looking through those photos took pretty much all afternoon and evening. Damn you, broadband Interweb. Damn you, Alyson Hannigan!
And because it just wouldn’t be fair to say all this and then not provide linky goodnesss, clicky: here, here and here.

8 thoughts on “Confession”

  1. i loved willow back in the day when she was dating.. um.. that cute werewolf guy?

  2. Nice, me also a big fan! Thanks for the clicky good, no wait, greatness.

  3. she looks rather young. wait a sec. yes, i can confirm that, she looks young. let me double-re-check.
    yeah she still looks young.

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