Congratulations Amy & Erik

Late last night, Cam sent me a mysterious message over iChat telling me it was my duty to call Amy. Now, I should explain here that my track-record phoning Amy… well… let’s just say it could be improved. So I asked Cam what the call would be about. He wouldn’t say!
So I called Amy today at lunch. Left a voicemail. Called Cam. He still wouldn’t tell me. But he broke down carpooling back from lunch, and told me Amy was in the hospital yesterday… and after a few moments added “it’s good news”.
So tonight, when I called Amy back, she didn’t know if I knew yet (the message I left was suitably vague) and tried to sneak it into the conversation to see my reaction. Five minutes into the call, during a bit on Hurricane Jeanne, she said: “You know, for some pregnant women, the pressure change after a hurricane passes can cause them to have their baby (which I did yesterday by the way)”. Haha!! Amy, you bum.
Tonight I got to see Madelyn for the first time. Day and a half old. Sooooo cute. Brown eyes. Blue belly button.
I just want to say wow! I had no idea my hands had grown so much since I was little. Maddy already has tiny little fingernails and a head of hair. Neato. And even though she was three weeks early, she’s right on track developmentally. No complications, what a relief. Amy’s in good health and spirits too.
You should have seen Erik. The way he was holding Madelyn, rocking her back and forth in his arms… trying to change her diapers… you just know he’s going to make a good Dad. Amy actually had to put in a request so she could hold Maddy and be in a few pics with her too šŸ™‚
Once again congratulations Amy and Erik!! Now only one question remains: how long ’til she throws a disc?

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  1. It’s a girl!

    Its always nice when the symbol of longevity and prosperity sits on the window just outside your door eh? Amy and Eric had just such luck. No, no … not us. We still have no clue – any ideas?…

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