Congratulations UFUCT!

The University of Florida Ultimate Club Team (UFUCT) won the open (men’s) college championship yesterday in Columbus, Ohio, in their first year qualifying since 1989. An excerpt from the writeup:

Never before in the College Championships have two such dominant teams faced off for the title, with Florida and Wisconsin coming in with a combined record of 96 wins and 3 losses (2 of which were due to playing each other).

Here’s a few writeups that chronicle the action leading up to the win:

Update: Here’s something cool I forgot to mention: I played with UFUCT’s co-captain, Tim Gehret, alllllll the way back in 2002. We were on the same team at a hat tournament, Fallout. In fact, it’s one of the first entries on this blog to have a photo, pre-dating the purchase of my digital camera. Neat!