Was quite the grump yesterday, not sure why. Usually I get like this when I fall behind on housework, but that wasn’t it. The shirts were all folded, socked paired and put away, dishes done. Probably work stress. Which is also weird, because I usually thrive on that sort of thing. Gah.
Anyhow I’m feeling better today. Last night was our first practice at the new fields. A local high-school is letting us use them. They’re pretty hard and uneven, but you can’t beat the price (free). Bunch of new faces showed up too, which was neat. Outnumbered the regulars even, which was a bit unnerving but fun nonetheless. I know I learned a couple things I wouldn’t have had they not shown up. Like, I could definitely be in better shape. Heh.
I’m getting kinda excited about the Savannah tournament at the end of the month. Some of you might recall I went last year. I’d provide a direct link to the pictures and writeup, but for some reason the link to the individual entry isn’t working, so instead, scroll down to about halfway in June 2003 (look for the post on June 1). Cam and Melissa are coming with me too, which is extra cool. We’ll be slumming it in the condo.
That’s all for me for tonight, the yawns are coming fast and furious now. See you tomorrow.