Curse Word!

Word ate my report! Just as I was finishing it, a dialog box popped up saying either my disk was full, or locked, or that memory was too low to autosave. Those conditions are all patently false. I’ve got 12 GB free on this drive. And I sure didn’t “lock” my hard drive. And with Mac OS X, applications should never “run out of memory” — they should just request more from the OS. Which has plenty free. So I don’t get it.
So I tried the trusty “Save As…RTF” trick that I learned while working at the UVic computer lab. No dice. Same message. No luck with “Save as HTML” either. This thing didn’t want to save!
So then I copied it, made a new document, and tried to paste it.
Problem is, when I tried to paste it, nothing appeared, and instead, it told me that it is “Out of Memory” and that I should “Save Now”.
No other applications recognized there was anything in the clipboard. The Finder’s “View Clipboard” command said the clipboard contained “Unknown”. Killing all Microsoft processes and restarting Word made no difference.
Even tried starting a different copy of Word (the one on Cam’s computer, in fact). No luck there.
Argh. Anyway, I’m re-doing it right now. That was three hours of work.
On the bright side, at least the outline is still clear in my head. And work just bought pizza for me and a few other late-working engineers. 😀