December 21st craziness

Well, I made it to Seattle airport — SeaTac — Friday around 6:10pm. Too late to make the 6:30pm flight to Victoria, which I thought was the last flight in that night. When I got to the ticket counter, I found out I was wrong — there was a 10:45pm flight to Victoria that night too (though it was oversold!).
I put myself on standby for the 10:45pm flight, though my chances were slim. Thanks to a very nice girl named Maya at the Alaska Air/Horizon ticket counter at SeaTac, I also got a confirmed flight for 10:15am the next morning in case I didn’t make the 10:45pm flight.
I decided to stay in SeaTac overnight. It was an alright experience, although I discovered two things: (1) Don’t forget to bring your iBook’s power adapter with you on a trip, especially when you’ve just bought a day’s worth of high speed internet from an airport, and (2) the public address message “Vehicles parked on the drag will be impounded. Please return to your car immediately!” gets pretty grating on the nerves at quarter past four in the morning (especially when you hear it every five minutes).
At check-in time — 4:00am, I managed to upgrade my flight 10:15am flight from Seattle to Victoria to 7:30am! That was cool — and the flight was only half full. Nice!
My first attempts to call home from the Vic airport resulted in voicemail, so I decided to call my good friend Sudie to see if he’d pick me up. He couldn’t, but he did offer to call my house repeatedly until someone picked up!
Dad came and got me, and I was home by about 10am Saturday. After a quick breakfast it was out to “Korean Gardens” with Calvin and Amy, and a couple of their friends. That was very yummy, though in retrospect I should have probably just gone to bed!
Back home around 3:00pm, made some quick calls and emails to see who was coming with me to a very special all-night dance events (I’m not going to refer to it the usual way — I know Google’s bots read this site daily). Hilary was able to make it. Cool!
There was a pre-party at Chrissie‘s going on at 8:30pm — it was 4:30, so it was time for a quick nap. I was trying to make up, in four hours, for not having slept for 56. Hmm.
Picked up Hilary and her friend Jen, headed off to the pre-party was great! Chrissie and Rich gave folks “treat bags” and I got a promo copy of DJ Bedlam‘s new mix CD! 😀 Then around 11:30pm, it was off to a great night/morning of electronic music. Davin took his camera with him. I’m not going to write about it here, but I will say it was a great location; no neighbours to be seen — and you felt a little extra-sneaky, dancing to what was probably very pagan music in a church hall! 😀
The cleanup crew arrived at 6:00am, expecting to get started right away. Nope.. Braeden was playing one more track and that was that!