dhs.org Outage

So you all undoubtedly noticed you couldn’t make here yesterday. Sorry about that. Turns out anyone with a “dhs.org” domain was kinda hosed. Here’s the official note from the kind folks www.dhs.org:

[06/08/2003 14:23 AuEST]
We are finally back up. Due to our upstream provider’s router dying our ISP lost connectivity. We appologise for the inconvience this has caused. Everything should now be back to normal.

Since I was following Davin’s suggestion and trying out a text editor for writing my entries (BBEdit, actually), I didn’t even notice my site was down until I went to upload the image for my post.
The following entry is actually from late Monday night. And PS — no, waiting ’til morning didn’t help. 🙂 Without further ado…
Monday, August 04. 11:36 pm.
[picture: wrong way sign at TPA]
So tonight, I tried to bring work home with me. It’s been a while since I’ve tried that. It took the form of twelve 11×17″ pieces of paper. I’m halfway through evaluating 150 pieces of feedback from various sources. I’m trying to validate, prioritize and give time estimates and dependencies for each item. It’s prep work for the generation of a set of requirements for the next version of our software. And it’s a lengthy, iterative process.
The spreadsheet made it home with me, but I just couldn’t find it within me to pick it up after dinner. Too many things I had to do at home. I’m going to bed now, maybe I’ll try again in the morning.

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