Downtown waterfront, sunset

So I guess those photos I took Wednesday night turned out after all:

About 3 minutes to sunset.

I’m pretty sure this guy was no longer living. So sad. Foot provided for scale.

I sat on this ledge to take the sunset shot.

Not sure if it’s always like this, but I found the amount of media coverage on the new Pope kind of overwhelming.


I think the the G.WIZ Science Center is here, too.

An old friend.
That’s it for the Wednesday night shots. Here’s one I took today. I’m sure glad I can recycle these somewhere (Publix takes them). This is just from the past three months:


  1. I’m glad the Pope is now “a simple, humble worker”. I’ll notify McDonalds… but is he cheap?

  2. Eric, no doubt. I’m sure they’d be glad to have him. šŸ™‚
    Cam: Actually (and I had to look this up just now) I was a little south of Centennial Park on a street called “Blvd of the Arts” (“x” marks the spot):

  3. This is true … there is a connecting path, which is the walk that I was referring to. Comes down from the park, along the water, through a ‘natural habitat’ and to the G-Wiz center. To be honest, Centennial Park is not really much on its own – though we did not cross to Pioneer Park (?)

  4. nice shots of the beach, Krish, what is that creature by your foot? that is a lot of bags! btw Ms Orman is sometimes featured on PBS.

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