Drive error

Well.. yesterday I got my new optical drive installed. Everything was going swimmingly — that is, I could read from burnt DVDs — until today at lunch, when I put in a CD-R. I was greeted with an ejected CD-R, and this message:Strange. First, I hit OWC‘s tech support page. They listed several firmware updates, but none for my particular drive (the Pioneer DVR-110D). So I hit Pioneer’s site — there were firmware upgrades for this drive, but they were all Windows-only, and I don’t have a Windows box available to me right now. So, I poked around the web a bit, and saw one tip that said this particular error, about the drive not being supported, was a bug in Mac OS X 10.4.1. Well, I’m running 10.3.9, so it might have existed before that?
Another tip said that it was solvable by zapping the PRAM (though others said zapping the PRAM did nothing). I tried, to no avail, unfortunately. So now I’m going to upgrade my machine to Tiger (Mac OS X 10.4.) Welcome to the 90s eh? 🙂 I have yet to contact OWC about it, but should this keep up I will be.


  1. I’m pretty confident I’ll be fine. Some reports say that the latest revision of Tiger has solved this, and, failing that, I’ve dealt with OWC enough to know they’ve got good customer service.

  2. That is strange … reboots obviously did not help which seems strange to me as I remember you stating that it “did” work. Which means that maybe later installations over-wrote compatible drivers or that that specific CD-R was caused it to “think too hard”.But man … really … soon you won’t be able to find compatible software. You living in a museum!!! – Guess I should not talk … me with my iMac 350 (nope … no DV) –

  3. I should probably charge admission to see my comp 🙂 Heee hee. To be fair, Tiger’s only been out since April, so I guess it’s not THAT long. The key for me was, I wanted to get my machine up to spec performance wise before installing Tiger, and that happened in Dec… so, the OS has kind of been “on deck”, so to speak, for a couple months now. The bum drive just pushes the priority up 🙂 As far as reading DVDs, that still works. And I’m pretty sure it reads regular CDs too, though I haven’t tried that yet (nor have I tried any already-burnt CD-Rs). It’s just brand-new CD-Rs that are failing so far. Which is kind of annoying.

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