Easy does it

[picture: Pimped-out Ford Escort]
Spotted while waiting for for Cam to get money out of the ATM last night. The bumper is almost as badass as the cellophane bullet holes!
My shoulders are peeling!
Just got back from ultimate. Didn’t play a full game; we only had six out today. Played “snot box”, which is essentially half-court ultimate with a tiny scoring zone attached to one side. Not sure where the name came from. Played to three points. That took about about 40 minutes, during which time I downed nearly 1.5L of Gatorade. Nearly got heatstroke. The various weather services (intellicast, yahoo, cnn, weather.com) can’t seem to agree on what the high is, but it averages out to around 29 celcius with 66% humidity. It’s definitely getting warmer around here.
Think I was also kind of out of shape from missing this past Thursday’s game (at The Matrix: Reloaded) and the Sunday pickup before that (was in All-Faiths recovery mode). I feel fantastic and tired right now. It’s a good feeling — I’m going to have no trouble getting to bed at a reasonable hour.