Exhaustion, TN-Visa, and Essence Prizes

I was exhausted at the St. Pete game tonight. I could barely run, the people I was supposed to be checking easily escaped me. Perhaps 7 hours of Ultimate in four days is too much? ‘Course it could be that I stuffed myself with bratwurst twice in that time too. But that’s fuel, right? Right?
In other news, I got word that my TN-Visa was approved today! Which means I’ll be able to get a bona fide Florida driver’s license in the next few days. Hooray for mobility! And many thanks to Kai, Cam, Darren and Eric J, all of whom have been taxiing me around. Perhaps I could take you all out for a drink?
Oh… what’s that? You only came here to see the “Essence of” playlists? Well, I am changing things slightly and extending the deadline two days in case it motivates a few more entries. Those of you who submit an essence of you playlist by Friday night are automatically eligible for a PRIZE, winner to be determined by random draw. The rules are pretty simple: create a playlist which represents you, is the “essence” of you. The only rule is that the playlist MUST fit on an audio CD (79 mins for those who really need the room). Incidentally I’m still thinking about what said prize will be, but it will definitely be something good. Those of you who have already completed your playlists (you know who you are) — good work, you are already in the running. The rest of you: you do like prizes, right?
Once you’re done, send your list to krishen at alumni dot uvic dot ca, and I’ll post the results/winner on Saturday. 🙂


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  1. The Essence of Julie

    Earlier this week Krishen requested submissions for “Essence Of” playlists from his readers, and so I’ve been working on mine for the past couple of days. It was much more difficult than I thought it would be. I tried to…

  2. essence

    when i first read Krishen’s assignment, i wasn’t sure i was going to do it. i was thinking it would be way to hard. not to mention my music knowledge is quite brief compared to some of the other people…

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