Expose thyself

Wow. So Davin just posted a most excellent picture to his blog (the top one). Tonight, on the way back from listening to the (most depressing) game 4 of the Blues-Canucks series at Cam‘s, I was climbing my stairs and happened to look up. And what I saw reminded me of Davin’s picture. Here’s what I saw.
upstairs, midnight
Now, it’s nowhere near as good as Davin’s shot, but I still think it’s pretty cool. 🙂
I’ve already mentioned it trickily in the comments a couple of days ago, but there’s no holding back now — I’m going to see Paul van Dyk on Saturday in Orlando! I’ve already bought my ticket: that’s it below, in full TicketMaster glory. Did you know that they charge you $1.75 for the privilege of printing the ticket yourself? But that’s not all; because the whole 8.5 x 11″ page is required for entry, you also get to hold onto the 7/8th of the page which isn’t your ticket and read advertisements! As you can see, it’s quite the steal. But I digress. My real point is, I’m so excited I’m going to explode! Dood! I’m going to see Paul Van Dyk!!! Jeff’s coming too, as might be Nigel. Woot woot!
my pvd ticket