Exposé trick: The tab key

Note: if you’re running Mac OS X, read on. If not, you can skip this entry.
So I just discovered a neat trick in Exposé I hadn’t read about before, so I thought I’d post about it.
It’s actually really simple. So, you know how Command-tab brings brings up a centered list of icons representing your running applications and you can tab to the one you want?
Well, it looks like Apple engineers thought of a neat way to extend this idea. Bring up Exposé (either via F9 or F10, unless you’ve changed the defaults) — and press the tab key… Poof! All the windows from the next application in line are brought on-screen in a nifty animation. Press tab again to make that application’s windows fade out of view, and show the next application. When you reach the app you want, simply press return or escape, and you’ll be working in that app. Note that the shift-tab trick, to cycle backwards, here works too, just like when you’re command-tabbing. Neat!

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