Family arrives

[picture: mom dad and neil getting off the greyhound bus]
So Mom Dad and Neil arrived from Miami tonight! After picking them up at the Greyhound Station (and by total coincidence, running into my boss picking up his Mom from the same bus my family was on), we ordered pizza for dinner from Cafe Italia. After picking it up, we were greeted by Cam at my door, inviting us to join him and Melissa down at the pool! We said we’d join them after doing a number on the pizza. Guess we weren’t quite quick enough though, since when Neil, Dad and I got there 30 mins later, the pool was bare! Hehe, oh well. We practiced swimming underwater. I’m getting better! By the way, Cam, I can now glide the short length of the pool!! Yay me! Hehe.
In other news, Davin made it back safely from a two week trip to You-Kay! I bet he had a right proper good time. I’m soo looking forward to seeing his undoubtedly awesome pics!
Now it’s to bed — the championship game for Manatee/Bradenton Ultimate League is tomorrow and I must be ready. Must… sleep… now! Okay bye. 🙂


  1. Your parents took the Greyhound to FLORIDA?
    Are they suckers for punishment or something?

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