Feist – The Reminder

So I picked up a new CD, by Canadian singer/songwriter Feist. I first heard about her from an iTunes free single of the week, way back in July 2005, called “One Evening”. It was good — every time Party Shuffle would play it, I’d think to myself, “self, this is really good” — but not quite enough to make me investigate further. Then, sometime last year, Patrícia asked me if I’d heard of Feist, which was enough to ring a bell and make me search my iTunes library for it — yes, there it was, I had a single from her. And I guess that made a bit of an impression — who is this Canadian artist my Portuguese friend knew about but I didn’t? But again, not enough for me to investigate further.
Which brings me to last week. I saw her album “The Reminder” was in the top ten-downloaded albums list in iTunes, which again made me go “hmmmm’. Finally, I was in Target picking up lightbulbs, and lo and behold, there in the “Artists on the Verge” section of their CD display was “The Reminder”, for $9.99.
Into the basket it went. It’s a great CD. I’ve purposely avoided reading reviews of it because I wanted to get my impressions down here first. She reminds me at times of different people: the angelic qualities of Dido, the bluesy tones of Sarah Vaughan, the quirkyness/creativity of Bjork, the folkyness and harmonies of the Barenaked Ladies, and Metric’s keyboards. That’s some pretty good company. Needless to say I recommend you go out and pick up the album.

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