Wow.. well… the original plan was to head to a nice Italian restaurant downtown, but the concierge drew the location of OSU on the map along the way, and, well, let’s just say I never made it downtown.
OSU’s campus is just gorgeous, especially the architecture. Tons of brick and stonework. Made UVic seem quite quaint in comparison. I’d say it was maybe even a little nicer than Cornell — and Cornell is nothing to sneeze at. I’ve thrown a bunch of photos up in the gallery; go have a look!
I think this was the first time I’ve felt positively old on a university campus. I’m not sure if only the new students are here this week, or what, but I’m telling you, practically everyone I saw looked like they were in highschool. That was kind of weird.
I ended up eating at a sandwich place called Jimmy John’s — $6 something and probably as good as anything I would have gotten at the Italian place. Mmmm.
Around 9pm, I headed back home with the intent to call Mom. That call was doomed from the get-go. Trying the calling card access number from the hotel phone gave me “all circuits busy”; trying from my work-cell got me through, but then I discovered my card had expired; trying to buy a new card at 7-11 didn’t work because new cards were “unavailable until monday”; trying a different 7-11 I found out that 7-11 corporate just switched management and as a result wouldn’t be able to activate any new cards until Monday. And she wasn’t on iChat, so no audio-only chat, either. I *did* end up making her a video-card though 🙂
Guess what I found on the way back from 7-11?

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  1. Yessir!! Let the invasion begin!
    Hee hee… actually there’s been TimmyHos in the States for a while now, but they seem to be mostly a “midwest” thing — read: south of Toronto. Unfortunately none in Florida yet, that I have found, anyway.

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