Fort Fiesta

L to R: Justin, Emily, me, Scott (white hat), Gustafson (black hat), Meehan, Lance, Brian.
So, yesterday’s hat tournament in Fort Myers — Fiesta in the Fort — was good. I was feeling a little, um, “under the weather” that morning, so I arrived about an hour late. But boy was that dumb. Apparently I missed out on Chick-Fil-A coming out to the fields and distributing lunch. Oh, and the on-site registered massage therapist, giving free massages during the game. Damn, you ain’t never seen anything like this at a hat tourney before. These guys got sponsors left, right and center. Very organized. They even had signs up at the bottom of the interstate exit off-ramp pointing the direction to the fields, a very nice touch for out-of-towners such as myself.
I managed to end up on the same team as Gustafson – light blue. We were the “Great White Sharks”. “But you weren’t white!”, you say? Yeah, but light blue is the colour of a Great White underwater, on the sneak-attack. Doncha know.
It was a beautiful day, and I had a blast playing with our team. We’d finish the day with a two-win and two-loss record, not bad at all for a group of people who had never played together before.
Without any more games, Gustafson and I went and got the lawn chairs and enjoyed the championships, which is where the majority of the pictures below came from. I was experimenting with the burst mode of my camera and captured this little sequence (opens in a new window). In one of these shots, an artifact of pointing the camera directly into the sun is visible as a green patch.
After the Yellow team (“Daisies”) defeated Orange (“Orange.. ss”) for the championship, Gustafson and I headed over to the Florida Gulf Coast University Student Union pub — Baldy’s — to grab a free dinner, courtesy of the tournament. Not too shabby!
All said, I had a great time, and I’m definitely heading back next year. Well done, Alpha Omega and Corkscrew Disc.

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  1. An hour late. HMMM!!?? Tournment requested people to be there at 10:00 AM and you showed up around 2:00??

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