Friday night live

Happy Friday everyone! Well it looks like those Ultimate videos I posted were a bit too popular. Suffice to say, they’re now re-hosted, and hopefully a little faster too. 🙂
The new bumper hasn’t come in yet. I like Davin’s suggestion. Because, really, you can never have too many LASERS. Especially if they’re where a bumper used to be. Change lanes, or I will LASER you! Perfect.
Tomorrow’s fun starts with work. Oh did I say fun? I meant the opposite of that. My bad.
Then, in the evening, I have no idea what’s going on yet, but I refuse to sit around in the house. Done that too many times this week, it’s driving me nuts! Maybe I’ll get out with the camera and see if I can’t get some entries for Cam’s Photo Challenge. He hasn’t announced the winners yet, so I’m going to try to do a late submission.