Futon Insanity!

Last night, I got a dining room table and 4 chairs (all 70’s dark brown veneer chic), as well as a futon and mattress, free. Not a bad price. Simon saw a posting up by the mailboxes at Heron’s Run, so I had to check it out. Turns out the folks who were giving it away were moving and needed to get rid of it in a hurry (they had to be out of their apartment by today).
How would you get this stuff from their 3rd floor apartment to my place, a good 700 meters away, on the second floor?
I did it by enlisting Simon’s help, of course. We took the mattress over to my place in the back of his car. But the futon frame was too large — even when folded — and being about 100 pounds of clumsy metal, it was too far to carry. How were we going to get it over to my place?
With one half of the frame in my arms and the other half in the back of Simon’s car, of course. We drove at 2 mph through the pelting rain to my place. I instructed Simon not to drive through any lakes on the way. The whole process took about 10 minutes and we got all sorts of great stares from the nearby residents on the way. Worked like a charm!