Good morning

Let’s see… what happened of note in the past little bit? Well, I rented the DVD of 50 First Dates, starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, directed by Peter Segal. And, well…. I liked it! The basic premise is very simple: guy falls in love with girl; girl has partial amnesia due to car crash and forgets the previous day every morning. Guy discovers amnesia but refuses to give up. Hilarity ensues. No, really. Found myself asking “What would I do?” in several scenes — and this film did not flinch in answering them. High praise for that. Additionally, like Punch Drunk Love, this movie showed the less abrasive side of Sandler, which was a pleasant change of pace. Traditional Sandler fans, not to worry… Rob Schneider gracelessly makes up for it 🙂
Last night I had Korean food! Went up to a restaurant in Tampa called Sa Ri One with Eric J, Sonia, Leonard (one of the Ultimate players in St. Pete) and his girlfriend Susan. I had no idea Koreans ate so much or so healthily. Most of the dishes were very small, but spicy, tasty vegetable-based ones. Leonard, who is Korean, tells me that only about 10% of the food in most meals is meat, so it’s very healthy. “The Atkins people would probably scream.”
Today’s picture is from about 10 am this morning. I wanted to show off what a beautiful day it is — which makes going to beach this afternoon with Amy, Erik, Cam and Melissa that much more fun. 🙂
How was your Friday night?