On Brian’s post/Cam-Melissa’s new Condo/Sunday pickup/Jeff BBQ/New card reader [was “Good weekend”]

Well hello again, it’s me, Krishen. Kind of strange having to say that on my own blog.. Anyway, that’s Brian. Part of the reason I got him to write an entry is because he’s blogophobic… both reading and writing them. He figures, why generate more clutter on the internet?
Because it’s awesome clutter? Haha. Anyway, had a good weekend; spent most of it with Cam and Melissa helping them move into their new place. Saturday was the big day; myself and seven others came over and moved boxes, mattresses, sofas, toys, and a giant china cabinet. Managed to get it all stuffed into a single-17 foot U-Haul… well, almost. We used a few cars too.
Their new place is great; it’s a two-level condo (townhouse?), with tile floor on the first floor and a big, carpeted second floor. It was funny, on Friday, during my sneak preview, the whole place had that “new” smell, which I’m pretty they must sell in a can. After we got everything moved in, Cam and Melissa treated us to chicken burgers, munchies and beer… all of which hit the spot. Meanwhile, we weren’t able to return the U-Haul because it wouldn’t start — something U-Haul blamed on Cam and Melissa — naturally a subject of some consternation. A mechanic U-Haul *finally* agreed to send out on their nickel couldn’t get it started, and had the wrong size tow-truck so couldn’t tow it either, so it would have to wait until morning. After some further cleanup we ended the night with a couple episodes of Firefly, and I curled up on an air mattress in the guest bedroom. A new technician got the truck started Sunday morning (low battery), and I headed home around noon.
Shortly after that, I made a few phone calls and got word out about the Sunday pickup Ultimate game, that now starts at 3pm. Turnout was still a little low (we had fours plus a sub), but it was better this week than last, and I expect that trend to continue. Yay! I like Sunday pickup — the emphasis is more on playing well personally rather than win-at-all-cost. Don’t get me wrong, I love winning, I just wish more fingers were pointed *inwards*. After all, as has been said many times, “it’s just city league”. Hardly worth the steam I see coming from some heads.

Self portrait (click for big)

Some of the Sunday pickup kru
Finally, immediately following pickup, Jeff had Kemp and I over for an installment of his famous BBQ sessions. I stuffed myself and enjoyed an evening of the latest 360 masterpieces, including Lego Star Wars 2, Oblivion, Dead Rising and Tombraider: Legend. Whew! I had a blast, but by the time I left at quarter to 11, I was dead (and still had laundry to do). Fun nonetheless 🙂
Bought a replacement card reader today for $20. The only one that did Compact Flash II, read 20 other formats. I am now ready for anything!
Hee. Anyway… that’s the news and you are up to date!


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