Hackers; UPA Club Ultimate Championships; Camping

So, chilling at home. Thursday night. Doing laundry and watching “Hackers” for the first time in something like 10 years. Jeff loaned it to me; I think I’m going to buy it. Yeah the tech is a little dated, but it’s charismatic, the soundtrack is great, and Angelina Jolie is freakin hot. It’s also a time capsule of sorts.
Brought my work desktop home. Out of space. So I’m repartitioning to get some room back.
Tomorrow it’s an off-Friday; I am volunteering at the Ultimate frisbee national championships, AKA “The 2007 UPA Club Ultimate Championships”, which run today through Sunday. It’s a mostly-US-based tournament, but Canadian teams are allowed to compete, and both Vancouver and Toronto are representing. So far Vancouver’s team, “Furious George”, isn’t looking so hot; they went 0-3 today. We’ll see how they do tomorrow though. I’ll be radioing in scores for the games and taking care of other business at the fields — you can keep track of all the action at the tournament website.
After the day’s games end, I’ll be heading to dinner with the volunteers, then off to HIllsborough River State Park with the kru. I’ll spend the day there, then back to Sarasota for Sunday’s Ultimate finals. I can’t wait 🙂

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