Happiness is a b**r

Oh my god. I haven’t been this happy in a looong long time.
Tonight, the Ultimate team I play on — the Sarasota Slackers — beat top-ranked “Hungry Hungry Humans” to advance to the finals!
The playoffs are single elimination, and thankfully, all four league teams qualified for first-round play. I say “are” because the finals are next week. I say “thankfully” because our win/loss record for the season was 1 win and 7 losses. For the semi-finals, games were seeded in such a way that the team with the best regular season record played against the team with the worst, and the two middle teams played each other.
Take one guess at the record of our opponents tonight. That’s right. 8-0. Undefeated.
And it wasn’t just some sort of fluke, come-from-behind kind of thing for us. (We saw that a lot during the regular season. We’d start a point-rally when we were down 12-5, bring the score back to around 13-10, and then proceed to get crushed by sloppy mistakes). At no point tonight did the Humans take the lead. We started off well, getting ahead 3-0, and although the Humans managed to tie the game at six, we took the halftime with a score of 8-6. After that, our opponents just played catch-up.
Games in our league are played to 15 points and have a time cap of 90 minutes. And this one came right down to the wire. With less than two minutes left, Alec made a spectacular layout catch in the endzone, just inches above the ground, to win the game. Final score: 15-13.
After cheering the other team for an excellent game, we enjoyed a cooler of a dozen Corona I purchased for the team (it was my turn this week) and watched the middle-ranked teams go at it. I didn’t have much ice in the fridge, so I brought along a pack of freezies to help out in that department. I managed to give away all three dozen of ’em! It was 31C in the shade tonight, so I think that had something to do with it. 🙂
Anyhow, here’s a picture of us after we won! Have you ever seen a happier bunch?
[picture: team picture at semis!]