Happy Earth Day

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Yesterday was Earth Day. I took out my bike — a sadly uncommon occurance since I bought it. Here are the trip stats:
Distance: 12.4 km (7.69 miles)
Max. speed: 33.3 km/h (20.7 mph)
Avg speed: 14 km/h (8.7 mph)
Time: 59 mins, 7 secs
Avg temp: 32°C (89°F)
Air needed in tires: yes
Seat: really damn hard
‘Til now I’ve kind of been afraid it would be too hot to ride. Turns out it’s not all that bad.
I did a big loop around the 45-hole Bobby Jones public golf course. There’s actually some nice paths around the area. Fruitville has a ton of broken glass in the bike lane (at least, heading East from McIntosh), not to mention crazy drivers, so I was on the sidewalk for some of that part. Most of Honore is lacking any sort of bike lane.
Took the Ecological Footprint Quiz again – my total footprint was kind of large at 22 (national average is 24) – 4.9 planets required to sustain my current lifestyle. I pledge to try to improve that. How do you score?
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