Happy Monday

Had a decent weekend, hooked myself with internet access through trusty old AOL dialup. Don’t laugh! At least I can check my mail while the local cable-internet folks — Comcast — fixes their computers and calls me back.
Spent a good chunk of Saturday at a locally organized ulti tourney-mint. Eric J and I carpooled up, and things got started just before noon. It was a small thing, three teams there: New College, USF, and the local highschool, Lakewood Ranch. I regularly attend New College’s pickup games on Sunday. Both Eric and I ended up picking up with folks from USF (they were missing three of their players). Ran pretty conservatively so as to not further agitate my somewhat delicate right ankle. After playing for 4 hours, got some food, drove home and promptly fell asleep.
Woke up to a call from Cam. “Good morning!” Cam: “It’s 8pm, dude.”
Er. Yeah.
So after a peaceful Sunday, I’m heading back to bed again after listening to the Canucks try and pull another fast one on the Wild, but it didn’t happen this time.