Happy Saturday!

If you’re wondering about all the esoteric posts recently, well… work’s been pretty consuming lately (and I guess I make a tasty snack).
But these things pass, right?
Filed my 2002 US taxes today — looks like I’m getting a refund! Again! Woot! I took it to the same tax specialist that handled my 2001 refund just a couple of months ago. Ended up costing me 1/3 of what it did for 2001, which was nice. That money should definitely help out with my Canadian taxes, which I’ll no doubt owe money on.
Met up with Ron, Kemp, Jeff and Cam at the Cock & Bull Pub after finishing up my taxes — around 8:30 or so. I had a dark Belgian beer there — “Gulden Draak”, I think it was called. The bartender warned it had a kick to it. Weighing in at 10.5%, I definitely only needed one pint. We followed this up by an excursion to the all-American gourmet experience known as “Applebees” (tongue heavily in cheek here).
Tomorrow, er, later this morning, Cam and I are heading up to the outlet mall. It’s about 45 minutes away. Supposedly you can get some great deals there. I know Simon picked up a few dressy button-up shirts for $3 a-piece.
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