Happy Thursday

I’m alive, not to worry! Though I have doubts that Hallowe’en gallery will get posted tonight. Ultimate tonight is versus my team’s arch-rivals, “Dos Manos” (who we beat last year to take the league championship).
Went to the video store last night. I’m kinda disappointed; it doesn’t look like it’ll be possible to catch up on the first three seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer through rentals. Ah well…. I’ll probably end up buying the box sets anyway. 🙂
Also last night, I picked up previously-viewed copies of Bowling for Columbine and Chicago. $20! Hopefully they’re in good condition. I’ve only got 10 days to find out (Blockbuster’s return policy), so I’ll probably be watching them both again soon.
Now, Cam and I off to kick some frisbee butt (hopefully). Wish me luck!