Heat: on

My blood has definitely thinned. It’s 66 (=19 C) out and I turned the heat on. First time since…. February? The air in my apartment has the scent of burnt dust. Mmm. The humidity feels like it’s pretty much absent, though weather.com tells me it’s 55%. The past few days have been gorgeous, with the temperatures hovering around the mid 70s at mid-day, low humidity. Feels like Victoria in the summer. Perfect. Can it be like this all year please?


  1. If this seems ridiculous it’s probably because I left out that I was in a super-air-conditioned restaurant drinking cold soda in post-ultimate (i.e. damp) clothing 🙂

  2. That is soo cute that you already turned the heat on… We will have to find you someone to suggle with this winter… We don’t want you to freeze…. 🙂

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