Hey guys. Or maybe I should say guy, since you’re probably my only visitor. I’m really sorry about my blog-neglect. Work, however, has been insane, and it’s left me very little time for myself. I only just finished my workday 10 minutes ago.
Ah well — at least I have something to remember it by: my first speeding ticket! That’s right — I’d never been pulled over for speeding in my 12-year driving career… until tonight, that is. 44 in a 25. There’s $50 I’ll never see again. *grumble* At least it was cheap, I guess. At 12:52 in the morning and no cars in sight, all I really wanted to do was get home to my bed… guess I got a little over-ambitious on the accelerator (another 20 feet and I would have been in a zone where people routinely do 70).


  1. Whoa – cheap! I’ve only had 2 tickets in my 11 years. The first was in 2000 when I was driving between Nanaimo and Duncan… 135kph (in 80 zone) = $175. The second was on the way to a party in Mill Bay – the cop was shifty and tried to book me for excessive, but I *knew* I wasn’t going that fast so told him off and he made it a “cheap” $135. The reason I knew I wasn’t going that fast was because I’d just slowed down (from *really* fast) to appease the occupants of my car.
    $50? Pshaw! Even in USD it’s a pittance.
    Oh, and looks like there may be more than 1 person reading your blog!

  2. $460 on the way to a ‘free party’ on denman island.. or was it hornby.. one of those .. i win. boo hoo.

  3. james — with the USD doing what it has lately I’d say “especially” rather than “even” 🙂 and lo, you’re right! hello readers!
    davin, heh. i remember that. wasn’t that when the cop stood in the middle of the highway lane with his hand up in order to get you to stop? crazy mofo.
    here’s the funny thing about the ticket. they made me decide right on the spot whether i was going to take it to court or pay it (they make you initial your choice and sign). but they won’t give you a court date — you have to call a number. anyone ever seen anything like this before? being that the date would have had to have been served in augusta, there’s not really any way I would have been able to make it unless it was in the next two days and the chances of that are slim at best.

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