[picture of me, cam, and melissa holding our drinks]
cam and melissa. awww, they’re so cute! 🙂
Wow! Well, really, I’m just posting because I wanted to share these pictures with you. 🙂 The first one is with Cam and Melissa (his wife; she just arrived in Sarasota late Wednesday night). Here, we were all at the Paddywagon watching Game 7 of the Canucks final.
In just a few minutes I’ll be heading out the door to drive an hour and a half to an ultimate hat tournament. It’s a silly tournament where the teams are made up by drawing names out of a hat. Also, at hat tournaments, it’s tradition to wear a silly hat when you play. Since I don’t actually own a hat, I’m gonna have to get a little creative… heehee.
[picture of scotty throwing a forehand at phillipe creek park]
all eyes on scotty! (he’s about to throw a forehand in this shot)